an auction cloud that allows users to manage global, multi modal shipments,  lanes and tariffs.

Managing Global Freight Rates requires a strategy

Incorporate multiple disciplines to accomplish your organizational goals.

  • Manage Ad hoc lanes
  • Manage repetitive shipments
  • Support global, cross functional teams
  • Offer lanes out to bid

Reduce Confusion and Improve Clarity around rates - validate savings

  • Select which carriers / forwarders participate
  • Set bid duration
  • Communicate with all parties
  • Maintain historical verification

TGI-Bid, as with all of TransportGistics’ solutions is, constructed to be served independently or bundled with other TGI solutions. TGI-Bid is a perfect compliment to TGI-Rater, BLGen or

Deployment and use is simple. This is a powerful weapon in your arsenal to lower and control your freight expense.

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